1. Projektname: Preparation of the 7th European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) – Post test of the 6th EWCS
  2. Untertitel/Art des Pretests: Final Report April-November 2018
  3. Auftraggeber: Eurofound
  4. Agnes Parent-Thirion
  5. Webseite:
  6. Projektbeschreibung: This report contains the results of the post test of the 6th EWCS, carried out by GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (Germany). The aim is to deliver insights for the interpretation of the results of the 6th EWCS, and to deliver input for the development and revision of the 7th EWCS.

    Two major research questions are addressed. The first is to establish differences in comprehension of questions between employed and self-employed respondents. Secondly, it examines potential measurement issues related to the concept of employment and the main paid job criterion for workers in atypical working situations.

    For the post test a mixed-mode design was used. A cognitive online pretest in the UK, Germany, and Poland was carried out with a total of 365 employed and self-employed respondents. Face-to-face interviews with 32 respondents in Germany and Poland delivered insights on atypical working situations, such as multi-activity or precarious employment.
  7. Anzahl Testpersonen: 365
  8. Auswahl und Merkmale der Testpersonen: Quota sample
    This online pretest was fielded in Great Britain, Germany and Poland. About one third of the respondents were British (n=120), another third were German (n=123) and the last third were Polish (n=122). Due to the substantive topic of this pretest (working conditions), the target population was divided into two categories (Employed and Self-Employed).
    The selection of the target population was based on the quotas age (15 to 65 years in three groups: 15 – 30; 31 – 50; 51 – 65), and gender (male; female). In addition, a minimum of 30 respondents for each age group and 50 respondents for each gender was expected to fall into the category.
  9. Pretestmodus im Pretest: Web Probing & CAPI
  10. Thema: Job & Career
  11. Feldzeit des Pretests: 06/2018 - 10/2018
  12. DOI: 10.17173/pretest72

  13. Pretestbericht (Englisch):
  14. Zitation: Hadler, P., Neuert, C., Lenzner, T. & Menold, N. (2018): Preparation of the 7th European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) – Post test of the 6th EWCS. Final Report April-November 2018. GESIS Projektbericht. Version: 1.0. GESIS - Pretestlabor. Text.

Fragenummer Pretestergebnisse Typ Konstrukt
1 Let me ask you, do you have a job? Einzelfrage Employment
2 Then did you work – even if minimally, like for only an hour – for money or other payment in kind last week? Einzelfrage Employment
3 Please look at this card and tell me which of these categories describes your current situation the best? Einzelfrage Working situation
4 And do you work part time or full time? Einzelfrage Full part or part time employment
5 What is the title of your main paid job? By main paid job, we mean the one where you spend most hours. Einzelfrage Main paid job
6 What do you mainly do in your job? Einzelfrage Content of main paid job
7 Are you working as an employee or are you self-employed? Einzelfrage Type of employment
8 Are you paid a salary or a wage by an employer? Einzelfrage Salary/wage
9 Please select the category or categories which apply to your main paid job. Einzelfrage Main paid job (self-employed)
10 Regarding your business, do you…? Gesamtskala Details on self-employment
11 What kind of employment contract do you have in your main job? Einzelfrage Employment contract
12 How many hours do you usually work per week in your main paid job? Einzelfrage Working time: hours per week
13 How many days per week do you usually work in your main paid job? Einzelfrage Working time: days per week
14 Besides your main paid job, do you have any other paid job(s)? (IF YES) Is it / are they ….? Einzelfrage Additional paid job(s)
15 How many hours a week on average do you work in job(s) other than your main paid job? Einzelfrage Working time: hours per week (other than main paid job)
16 Over the last 12 months, how often have you worked in your free time to meet work demands? Einzelfrage Working in free time
17 On the whole, is your pace of work dependent on… Gesamtskala Work intensity
18 Are you able to choose or change... Gesamtskala Autonomy
19 For each of the following statements, please select the response which best describes your work situation.... Gesamtskala Working situation
20 Is your immediate boss a man or a woman? Einzelfrage Immediate boss
21 In the last month, has it happened at least once that you had less than 11 hours between the end of one working day and the start of the next working day? Einzelfrage Time between working days
22 To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements about your job? Gesamtskala Job prospects