1. Projektname: Internet of Things
  2. Untertitel/Art des Pretests: Cognitive Online-Pretest
  3. Auftraggeber: European Commission
  4. Guillermo Hernández
  5. Webseite:
  6. Projektbeschreibung: The Pretest lab of GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (Germany) was assigned the task to pretest a module on the Internet of Things (IoT), so – if deemed appropriate – it can be included in future waves of the Community Survey on ICT Use in Households and by lndividuals conducted by the European Commission.
    The aim of the cognitive pretest was to optimize the questions prior to their potential administration in the actual survey and thereby to improve data quality. The inclusion of a module on IoT in the Community Survey on ICT Use in Households and by lndividuals is of interest to DG CNECT in order to monitor the evolution and adoption of recent technological solutions in this domain.
    GESIS tested an English and a German version of the module with British and German respondents (n=120) in a web survey. In total, respondents received open and closed probes for four items. Some of the items do not need to be changed but the results indicate that for a few questions the answer options, the question order, or the German translations need to be improved. The pretest report includes recommendation to further refine the questions of the module.
  7. Anzahl Testpersonen: 120
  8. Auswahl und Merkmale der Testpersonen: Quota sample
    This online pretest was fielded in Great Britain and Germany. Half of the respondents were British (n=60), the other half were German (n=60). Due to the substantive topic of this pretest (usage of internet connected devices/systems), the target population was divided into three categories (Barriers - Problems - Wearables).
    The selection of the target population was based on the quotas age (18 to 64 years in three groups: 18 – 29; 30 – 49; 50 – 64), and gender (male; female). In addition, a minimum of 15 respondents in each country was expected to fall into the category "Wearables".
  9. Pretestmodus im Pretest: Web Probing
  10. Thema: Other Topics
  11. Feldzeit des Pretests: 10/2018
  12. DOI: 10.17173/pretest71

  13. Pretestbericht (Englisch):
  14. Zitation: Lenzner, T., Neuert, C., Hadler, P., & Menold, N. (2018): Internet of Things. Cognitive Online-Pretest. GESIS Projektbericht. Version: 1.0. GESIS - Pretestlabor. Text.

Fragenummer Pretestergebnisse Typ Konstrukt
1 English version:
Have you used any of the following devices or systems that are connected to the internet?

German version:
Haben Sie schon einmal die folgenden mit dem Internet verbundenen Geräte oder Systeme verwendet?
Einzelfrage Usage of internet connected devices/systems for private purposes
2 English version:
What were the reasons for not using any of the aforementioned devices or systems that are connected to the internet?

German version:
Was sind die Gründe dafür, dass Sie keine der zuvor genannten mit dem Internet verbundenen Geräte oder Systeme verwendet haben?
Einzelfrage Reason(s) for not using internet connected devices/systems previously
3 English version:
You have mentioned before that you have used wearable devices connected to the internet. What have you used them for?

German version:
Sie haben zuvor angegeben, schon einmal mit dem Internet verbundene tragbare Geräte verwendet zu haben. Wofür haben Sie diese Geräte verwendet?
Einzelfrage Usage of wearable divices
4 English version:
Have you encountered any of the following problems when using the devices or systems that are connected to the internet?

German version:
Sind Sie bei der Nutzung von Geräten oder Systemen, die mit dem Internet verbunden sind, schon einmal auf folgende Probleme gestoßen?
Einzelfrage Problems encountered when using internet connected devices/systems