1. Projektname: SHARE Gatekeeper-Project (English Version)
  2. Untertitel/Art des Pretests: Cognitive Pretest
  3. Auftraggeber: SHARE
  4. Dr. Annette Scherpenzeel
  5. Webseite:
  6. Projektbeschreibung: The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) is an interdisciplinary and cross-national research infrastructure that collects data regarding the life of people older than 50 years in regular intervals. The data concern topics such as social and family networks, health, and socio-economic status.
    The oldest participants (80+) as well as those who previously stated to be in bad health are much less likely to participate than all other age groups. These two specific target groups of panelists are often sheltered by so-called “gatekeepers.“
    Therefore, SHARE developed a draft letter in order to inform these gatekeepers about the aim and background of the survey in order to convince them to grant the interviewers access to the panel member of SHARE and increase the willingness to participate in the interview. The aim of the cognitive pretest is to test and optimize the draft letters.

    The results of this pretest are documented in the PDF file below (see Pretest Report). Given that only an invitation letter (and no questions or items) were evaluated in the pretest, the results cannot be documented directly in the database.
  7. Anzahl Testpersonen: 10
  8. Auswahl und Merkmale der Testpersonen: Quota sampling. In accord with our client, we based the selection of the respondents on the following criteria: Gender, age, gatekeeper relation among the target group of family members; nursing home management vs. caregiver/nurse among the target group of nursing home staff.
  9. Pretestmodus im Pretest: PAPI
  10. Thema: Other Topics
  11. Feldzeit des Pretests: 06/2016 - 07/2016
  12. DOI: 10.17173/pretest37

  13. Pretestbericht (Englisch):
  14. Zitation: Neuert, C., Otto, W., Stiegler, A., Beitz, C., Schmidt, R., Meitinger, K., & Menold, N. (2016): SHARE Gatekeeper-Project (English Version). Cognitive Pretest. GESIS Projektbericht. Version: 1.0. GESIS - Pretestlabor. Text.