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Project Title:PIAAC-Longitudinal (PIAAC-L) 2014 (English Version)
  1. General Information: *Note: The item was tested in German. This is an English translation of the original German wording. The translation does not correspond exactly to the wording in the English PIAAC source questionnaire.*
  2. Question Text: Where did you meet?
    Please give your answer based on this list.
    [Wo haben Sie sich kennengelernt?
    Bitte geben Sie Ihre Antwort anhand dieser Liste.]
  3. Instruction: (INT: Present list 2!) [(INT: Liste 2 vorlegen!)]
  4. Answer Categories a) School [Schule]

    b) Training [Ausbildung]

    c) Profession/Job [Beruf/Arbeitsplatz]

    d) Hobby, club, sport [Hobby, Verein, Sport]

    e) Pub, disco, events [Kneipe, Disko, Veranstaltungen]

    f) Celebration/Party [Feier/Party]

    g) Circle of friends or acquaintances [Bekannten- oder Freundeskreis]

    h) Family/relatives [Familie/Verwandte]

    i) Displays/advertisements [Anzeigen/Inserate]

    j) Internet [Internet]

    k) Holiday [Urlaub]

    l) Other: [Sonstiges:]

    1. Recommendations: Question: No changes recommended.
      Response options: In order to facilitate a correct assignment of respondents, the option "studies" could be explicitly included in category b). Even if there were no further mentions under "Other", we recommend to keep a residual category.
      In addition, each answer category should be formulated to match the question:
      a) In school [In der Schule]
      b) During studies/ vocational training [Im Studium/ in der Berufsausbildung]
      c) In the workplace/ at work [Am Arbeitsplatz/ im Beruf]
      d) Through a hobby, in a club, at sports [Durch ein Hobby, in einem Verein, beim Sport]
      e) In the pub / disco, at an event [In der Kneipe/ Disko, bei einer Veranstaltung]
      f) At a celebration/party [Auf einer Feier/Party]
      g) Among friends or acquaintances [Im Bekannten- oder Freundeskreis]
      h) Through family/relatives [Über Familie/Verwandte]
      i) Via ads/advertisements [Über Anzeigen/Inserate]
      j) On the Internet [Im Internet]
      k) On holiday [Im Urlaub]
      l) In a different environment, namely: [In einem anderen Umfeld, und zwar:]
    1. Implementation of Recommendations: Item überarbeitet
  1. Cognitive Techniques:Information image/link to cognitive pretesting General Probing, Specific Probing
  2. Findings for Question: All test persons who live in a relationship could assign themselves to a category.

    The answer category "other" was chosen once (TP 17) because the test person could not clearly classify "study". In this case the category "training" was disregarded. "This was in study, but it is not written here. So other: study." (TP 17)

    Furthermore, one test person stated that random events, such as shopping, were missing. The same person was able to classify herself into two categories, so that a multiple choice was made (TP 18): "Job/workplace or hobby and club also. These were both common things. Applies to both."
  1. Question Topic: Society & social affairs/ Relationships
  2. Construct: Places or "markets" of partner selection