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Project Title:PIAAC-Longitudinal (PIAAC-L) 2016 - Background Questionnaire (English Version)
  1. General Information: *Note: This item was tested in German. This is an English translation of the original German wording. The translation does not correspond exactly to the wording in the English PIAAC source questionnaire.*

    Questions 1 and 2 are filter questions for question 4. They were therefore not tested. In order to obtain more detailed information about the origin and duration for which the test persons already live in Germany, they were asked from which country they or their parents came and when they came to Germany. The answers to questions 1 and 2 are presented together below.
  2. Question Text: Was at least one parent born in Germany?
    [Ist mindestens ein Elternteil in Deutschland geboren?]
  3. Instruction: INT: The respondent should only answer yes to this question if either one or both parents were born in Germany. [INT: Die befragte Person soll diese Frage nur dann mit ja beantworten, wenn entweder ein Elternteil oder beide Elternteile in Deutschland geboren sind.]
  4. Answer Categories Yes [Ja]

    No [Nein]

    1. Recommendations: Question: Since the definition of the clients states that only those who were born abroad themselves or both parents were born abroad should be counted as persons with a migration background, the filter question should be adjusted accordingly. In addition, an adjustment of the answer categories can provide a more differentiated picture of which respondents bring with them a further culture of origin that shapes them (relevant to question 3) by offering more detailed answer options instead of the answer options "yes" and "no".
      Were both of your parents born in Germany?
      [Sind Ihre beiden Eltern in Deutschland geboren?]
      Answer options:
      Yes, both parents were born in Germany
      [Ja, beide Eltern sind in Deutschland geboren.]
      No, only one parent was born in Germany.
      [Nein, nur ein Elternteil ist in Deutschland geboren.]
      No, both parents were born abroad.
      [Nein, beide Eltern sind im Ausland geboren.]
    1. Implementation of Recommendations: Yes
  1. Cognitive Techniques:Information image/link to cognitive pretesting General Probing
  2. Findings for Question: Eleven test persons stated in question 1 that they were born in Germany. Four test persons (TP 04, 06, 08 and 11) were born abroad. They thus represent first-generation migrants and were also given question 4 ("attachment to German culture") in the further course of the cognitive interview.
    • Test person 04: born in Italy; parents come from China; in Germany since 2003
    • Test person 06: born in France; in Germany since 1981
    • Test person 08: born in Poland; the mother comes from Poland, the father from France; in Germany since 1989
    • Test person 11: born in Turkey; in Germany since 1992
    Second generation migrants - if both parents were not born in Germany - include test person 09 whose mother is from Serbia and whose father is from Kosovo or Montenegro. The information on question 2 also shows that the father of test person 02 was born in Italy, but the mother is German. By definition, she does not count as a person with a migrant background.

    A total of three test persons have more than two cultural backgrounds, either because they were born abroad but not in the country of their parents (SP 04) or because their parents come from different countries (TP 08, 09). In such a constellation, it may be difficult to answer question 3, in which the test persons should refer to the parents' culture of origin (see question 3).
  1. Question Topic: Social demographics
  2. Construct: Migration background