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Project Title:RESPOND - Improving regional health system responses to the challenges of migration through tailored interventions for asylum-seekers and refugees (English Version)
  1. Question Text: What is your general state of health?
    [Wie ist Ihr Gesundheitszustand im Allgemeinen?]
  2. Answer Categories Very good [Sehr gut]

    Good [Gut]

    Moderate [Mittelmäßig]

    Bad [Schlecht]

    Very bad [Sehr schlecht]

    1. Recommendations: No changes recommended
  1. Cognitive Techniques:Information image/link to cognitive pretesting Emergent Probing.
  2. Findings for Question: This question has not been systematically tested. Therefore, only the spontaneous comments of some test persons are available - if at all.


    Test person SER01 changes her answer from "bad" to "very good" because she did not understand the composite "state of health", or more precisely the word "condition" at first. After the simultaneous interpreter translated into simple language, the test person immediately changed her answer. Test person SER01 had overall great difficulties in answering the questionnaire because her mother tongue is Macedonian. In Macedonia, Serbian is a kind of official language according to the test person, but she was only able to answer the questions on her own to a limited extent. The simultaneous interpreter had to consistently translate question texts into simple language, e.g. compounds such as "state of health". Where she did not do this, terms were not or incorrectly understood.
  1. Question Topic: Public health/ Health impairments
  2. Construct: General Health