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Project Title:German Internet Panel (GIP) – Module “Inflation” November Wave 2014 (English Version)
  1. General Information: *Note: The item was tested in German. This is an English translation of the original German wording.*

    Both experimental conditions from question 2 are taken into account in this question. The two groups were compared in the evaluation in order to find differences in their answer behaviors.
  2. Introduction: The European Central Bank's (ECB) main responsibility is to make sure that prices in the euro zone remain stable. This means that the ECB's responsibilty is to make sure that prices shift only slightly over time.
    [Die Hauptaufgabe der europäischen Zentralbank (EZB) ist es, dafür zu sorgen, dass die Preise in der gesamten Eurozone stabil bleiben. Das bedeutet, dass die EZB dafür verantwortlich ist, dass sich die Preise über die Zeit hinweg nur wenig verändern.]
  3. Question Text: What do you think, how well does the ECB do in keeping prices stable?
    [Wie erfüllt die EZB Ihrer Meinung nach die Aufgabe, die Preise stabil zu halten?]
  4. Answer Categories Very poorly [Sehr schlecht]

    Poorly [Schlecht]

    Neither poorly nor well [Weder schlecht noch gut]

    Well [Gut]

    Very well [Sehr gut]

    1. Recommendations: No changes recommended.
  1. Cognitive Techniques:Information image/link to cognitive pretesting None.
  2. Findings for Question: A little more than 50% of the respondents state that the ECB fulfills its task to keep the prices stable “neither poorly nor well”. The two extreme answer categories (“Very poorly”, “Very well”) are only picked very rarely. There are no differences in the answers between the two conditions.
  1. Question Topic: Politics/ Inflation
  2. Construct: Price stability of the ECB