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Project Title:FReDA-W2b - Questions on the topics of women's fertility, affective touching behavior, sexual orientation, and transnational families (English Version)
  1. Question Text: Among these family members, are there one or more people to whom you feel very attached?
  2. Answer Categories Yes


    1. Recommendations: With the exception of the two respondents who took the term "family members" very broadly and subsumed friends under it, the question was interpreted in a consistent manner. Therefore, it can be left in its current form.
  1. Cognitive Techniques:Information image/link to cognitive pretesting Comprehension Probing
  2. Findings for Question: Aim of the pretest:
    The aim of the pretest was to find out what respondents understood by "feeling very attached " in the question and whether the term was interpreted consistently. Question 12 was asked only of those respondents who had indicated in question 11 that they had family members abroad.

    With the exception of two test persons, respondents interpreted the term "feeling very attached" in a consistent manner. They understood it to mean family members to whom they would have a strong emotional bond and whom they would consider a confidant. Some respondents also indicated (in addition) that regular contact was crucial to feeling connected to family members abroad:
    • "Thinking of someone often, being able to rely on each other, and being there for each other. Seeing each other as often as possible." (TP202)
    • "I want contact with these people and keep contact, the need is mutual." (TP230)
    • "On an emotional level, strong feelings, similar to a best friend." (TP266)
    • "That you get along well and can talk about anything. A special interest in each other's lives." (TP304)
    • "Need to have regular contact and share important events in person." (TP349)
    • "Sharing emotions with each other; feeling a warm feeling when thinking about the other person." (TP363)
    Two respondents indicated that they would understand this to include friends:
    • "You can't just feel close to family! It also includes friends & co! Friends & co are the family you choose!" (TP415)
    • "Good friends." (TP688)
  1. Question Topic: Society & social affairs/ Relationships
  2. Construct: Attachment to family members abroad