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Project Title:FGZ Cohesion Panel: Wave 2 – Questions on climate change, antisemitism, and gender equality (English Version)
  1. General Information: *Note: The item was tested in German. This is an English translation of the original German wording.
  2. Question Text: Has the impairment increased, decreased, or stayed the same over the past 5 years?
    [Hat die Beeinträchtigung in den letzten 5 Jahren zugenommen, abgenommen oder ist sie gleich geblieben?]
  3. Answer Categories Strongly decreased [Stark abgenommen]

    Rather decreased [Eher abgenommen]

    Remained the same [Gleich geblieben]

    Rather increased [Eher zugenommen]

    Strongly increased [Stark zugenommen]

    1. Recommendations: To clarify the context of the question, we recommend repeating the reason for the impairment again in the question text:

      Has the interference at your place of residence by infrastructures (e.g. highways, railroad tracks, power lines) increased, decreased or remained the same in the last 5 years?) 
  1. Cognitive Techniques:Information image/link to cognitive pretesting Difficulty Probing
  2. Findings for Question: Question 7 was asked only of those respondents who had selected a scale value of 0 to 10 in question 6. The majority of subjects (75 %) indicated that the impairment caused by the infrastructures men-tioned in question 6 had remained the same over the past 5 years. Just over one-fifth of respondents (22 %) registered an increase in impairment and just under 3 % a decrease.
    The aim of the pretest was to investigate whether the subjects had difficulties answering this question and, if so, what the difficulties were. The corresponding cognitive probes (N1-F7 and N2_F7, see Ap-pendix) were asked of the 124 subjects who were (randomly) assigned to Group 1.
    About 18 % (n = 22) of the respondents stated that they found it “rather difficult” or “very difficult” to answer question 7. In most cases, this was because this (and the previous question) was a difficult topic that they had not yet dealt with sufficiently.
    • „It is difficult to name what specifically bothers me and how strongly I rate this. Basically, I am satisfied, but the disturbing factor of cars is unfortunately everywhere.“ (TP360).
    • „Because I didn’t think about these questions very strongly before.“ (TP537)
    Some respondents (n = 5) cited as a reason that it was unclear which “impairments” they were referring to:
    • „Because it is not clear what impairments were meant.“(TP311)
    • „I don’t understand what is meant by impairment, it is worded to broadly.“ (TP361)
  1. Question Topic: Society & social affairs/ Residing & living
  2. Construct: Change in undesirable infrastructures