1. General Information: *Note: The Dari and Arabic translation of the items were tested. These are English translations of the original German source items.*
  2. Question Text: When you think about your time in Germany, how often were you discriminated against in everyday situations?
    [Wenn Sie an Ihre Zeit in Deutschland denken, wie oft wurden Sie in alltäglichen Situationen diskriminiert?]
  3. Answer Categories

    Never [Nie]

    Rarely [Selten]

    Sometimes [Manchmal]

    Often [Oft]

    Always [Immer]

    Not specified [Keine Angabe]

  4. Findings/Recommendations for Multi-Item Scale:

    1. Cognitive Techniques:information image/link zu cognitive pretesting Comprehension Probing, Specific Probing, Emergent Probing


Item Text Item Tested
You were treated rudely or unkindly. (1) [Sie wurden unhöflich oder unfreundlich behandelt. (1)]
People act as if they think you are stupid. (4) [Leute tun so, als hielten sie Sie für dumm. (4)]
You were threatened. (9) [Sie wurden bedroht. (9)]