Projektname: SHARE Wave 9 – New items on financial decision making, successful ageing, eating habits, sleep, long-term care insurance, and long-term care expectations (English Version)

  1. Allgemeine Informationen: *Note: This item was tested in German. This is an English translation of the original German wording.*

    Not an explicitly tested question, but only served as a filter guide.
  2. Fragetext: Do you currently have a partner?

    [Haben Sie zurzeit einen Lebenspartner oder eine Lebenspartnerin?]
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    1. Empfehlungen: Question: No changes recommended.

      Response Options: No changes recommended.
  1. Eingesetzte kognitive Technik/en: None (filter question)
  2. Befund zur Frage: None of the test persons commented on this question and the interviewers did not note problems either.
  1. Thema der Frage: Gesellschaft & Soziales/ Beziehungen
  2. Konstrukt: Partnership