Projektname: Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) Module 5 (English Version)

  1. Allgemeine Informationen: *Note: This item was tested in German. This is an English translation of the original German wording.*
  2. Fragetext: How interested would you say you are in politics?
    [Wie interessiert sind Sie im Allgemeinen an Politik?]
  3. Antwortkategorien:

    Very interested

    Somewhat interested

    Not very interested

    Not at all interested


    Don't Know

    1. Empfehlungen: No changes recommended.
  1. Eingesetzte kognitive Technik/en: Emergent Probing.
  2. Befund zur Frage: Two respondents (ID 06, 14) note that the question lacks a middle category (“Hm, I would say partly so and partly so”, ID 14). After a few moments’ consideration, both respondents decide on the answer “fairly interested” and are therefore able to conform to the given set of answer categories without too much difficulty.
  1. Thema der Frage: Job & Career
  2. Konstrukt: Political interest